You Should Beware Of Various Potential Threats On Your Company’s Email

One potential threat to corporate email security is that attachments to the e-mail that goes to your company’s e-mail. Your employees need to be wary because attachments can contain viruses or malware. There are so many variants of viruses such as trojans, keyloggers, worms, and others are always included in attachments by people who have bad intentions on your company. Email is a strategy for crackers or hackers to damage your company’s data.

This computer virus can enter a computer, laptop, or smartphone that you use when you open an email which contains the virus. So don’t open attachments from emails that you don’t know. However, we are often fooled into opening unknown emails after seeing very interesting headers. Meanwhile, you may want to check out the best software development company‌‌ if you need to hire experts who can support the IT security of your business.

Aside from that, spam emails can also be a threat to companies. There are a lot of e-mails that enter the company on a daily basis. Among the incoming e-mails, there are a number of e-mails that are not needed (spam) that contain, among others, offers airplane tickets, hotels, cosmetics, medicines, seminar invitations, and even pornography. Now if the number of spam emails has exceeded the limit, for example, 100 spam every day or every hour, this has been considered a spam attack. Excessive spam can cause interference with the performance of email servers.

Logically, if a company has 1000 employees and each company employee receives 100 emails, you can imagine how the server manages 100,000 non-essential emails every day. This will make hard disk capacity and bandwidth only used for spam management. This is what will disrupt the email server.

Furthermore, you also need to know about Phishing. It is an attempt to fraud a company by using e-mail. The purpose of phishing is to get a password, username, token, or other important information. Phishing emails use the logo of a company that looks bona fide but it is actually fake. In addition, it also contains words that are so convincing that you can unwittingly be directed to enter a fake site. Next, you will fill out a form of sensitive information about your company.

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