You Must Know Why You Get Sick

Humans are not always fit and healthy. Almost every human being has experienced a condition called his illness. Therefore, the gift in the form of health should make people more grateful to Him, not to make it infertile, let alone become Kufr. You can benefit from urgent healing prayer request so you can heal without complaining about your sickness.

If you are kind to Him, then all difficulties will be easy. Severe pain will feel lighter. Indeed, sometimes the disease becomes a trial, disaster something bad else. However, humans should not rush to look negatively. The thing that needs to be considered is taking lessons from all of that. Every disease, wisdom, and benefits can be taken to improve the quality of life.
So that pain does not create stress but it is just happy, then we must take a few steps;

First, you must prejudice God. If we prejudice him, then God will be kind to us. This is what will bring a positive conscience to health and in the hereafter, His mercy can be embraced. This kindness is energy to restore the condition of the sick.
Conversely, if we accuse God of negative things – God is not sorry, cruel and unjust – then the pain can get worse. Because, according to psychologists, sick people who are constantly haunted by negative feelings, will strengthen the disease and slow healing.

Second, you must take wisdom and self-introspection. Sometimes, being sick is able to awaken a servant to the nature of life. The pain you experience should be able to turn you into a smart human. A smart person is a human who places worship for the hereafter to be the top priority in his life.

Not infrequently bad people or immoral experts turn out to be more religious after he has suffered from the disease. This awareness awakened after he could introspect himself. Disasters or diseases suffered by the nature of God’s rebuke so that someone will return to God. A disaster that can awaken it is far better than neglectful health.

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