You Can Look Cool When You Wear School Uniforms At School

Have you ever watched a Hollywood movie and envy the freedom of students to wear free clothes to school? At first, this freedom seems fun, but it turns out dizzy every day choosing clothes to wear is not good too, you know! Of course, there is a reason why in some country’s uniforms are important for school students, but that does not mean you cannot express with uniform rules. We have tips that you can try to look cool to school wearing school uniforms. Actually, you can adjust according to the rules at your school!

Here are tips for you:


A denim jacket is a super flexible outerwear that you can combine with any outfit, including uniforms!

Oversized sweater

It’s a timeless school fashion style. Oversized sweaters will likely always be loved by teenagers.


Accessories on the face can instantly change your style, you know! If your school prohibits using excessive jewelry, the alternative that you can try is glasses. Simple and stylish!


Some people say bucket hat is out of date, however, many people still like to use a bucket hat, here. Besides the bucket hat, you can also use a regular panel hat – wear whatever the headpiece you want!

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