This Is What You Should Know When You Arrive At UK Immigration

One of the most visited countries by many people is England. You can go there if you have a Visa. England is one of the countries that makes Visa regulations for every tourist who comes. If you want to take care of immigration in the UK, then you also have to take the test first. You can take the a2 english test. You have to take the test so you can take care of your immigration there british life skills.

Before you decide to go or live in the UK, you must also prepare all the important documents. Before the day of departure, check all your travel documents. Make sure you have applied for the right visa. Then check your flight schedule once again. After that, save flight tickets, passports, visas and other important documents in your luggage. Do not store important documents needed in immigration in the suitcase. You can only pick up baggage after going through the immigration process.

Once you arrive at UK immigration, you will find two lines of queues. One is for arrivals from the EEA (European Economic Area), EU (European Union) and Switzerland. The other is intended for arrival from other countries. Check carefully on the line where you have to queue. If you are not from the EEA and EU, you must fill in the landing card. You can request this landing card from the flight attendant (eg flight attendant). The landing card must be filled in completely and signed before being submitted to the immigration officer. You can fill the landing card calmly on the plane, before arriving in England.

If you carry cash or checks or draft bankers in excess of £ 6750, you must report to immigration. After that, you will be told to fill out a form. The immigration officer will keep the original form and provide you with a copy of the form. Keep this form well.

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