These Are Things You Must Know About Car Fuse

All electronic devices require electrical components called fuses or fuses, including your car. These small, colorful components are placed in a place called a fuse box or fuse box. Generally, this fuse city is placed in the engine room or dash of your car. Although small in shape, its function is vital because it is a safety device to prevent short-circuiting of electrical current that is too large, which can cause burning of electrical components or even cars. Apart from that, if you are looking for a good place for maintaining the appearance of your car, we recommend you to take your car to the best auto detailing Orlando find this.

Besides its small shape, the fuse also has bright colors like candy. Bright colors on the fuse are deliberately designed so, to make it easier to recognize related specifications. Each color on the fuse explains its specifications in the ability to withstand an electric current. In addition, bright colors like candy make the fuse easier to find if it is damaged which requires replacing it with a new one.

For example, fuses for beige or orange for electrical resistance of 5 amperes, brown 7.5 amperes, red 10 amperes, blue 15 amperes, yellow 20 amperes, clear or white 25 amperes, and green 30 amperes. The color and specifications of the fuse must be in accordance with the specifications of the electrical components used. For example, using a lamp with 60 watts / 12 volts must use a 10-ampere fuse, if you use a 5-ampere fuse, it will break quickly. Conversely, if you use a 15-ampere fuse, the resistance of electric current is reduced and easily damages the electrical components of the lamp until it even burns.

In addition to color, the fuse also has different shapes, such as a tube model fuse, a blade model fuse, a box model fuse to a plate model fuse. This different form of the fuse is based on the development of technology and electrical components in the car. Usually, modern cars use fuse models, boxes and plates. Tube fuses are almost rarely used.

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