These Are Some Steps To Hang The Ceiling Fan

Many people use fans in their homes. One type of fan that is often used is ceiling fans. This type of fan is indeed one of the most popular types of fans. However, you cannot install this type of fan alone, you need professional staff to install it. You can use the services of electricians in Wilmington NC if you can’t install it alone. We can help you in installing this type of fan.

The step that you have to do in installing this type of fan is to hang the fan on your ceiling. There are several ways you can do the process of hanging your ceiling fan.

Install the hanger with a screw. The hanging bracket can accept half-ball hangers or hook types, depending on your fan. Gently insert the hanger into the bracket. Half-ball type twist to the bracket parallel to the ball groove.
Install the fan canopy to the engine frame by screwing. If you have high ceilings, maybe you also want to mount a hanger pipe.

Hang the installed machine from the two hooks in the bracket. This step is an important step and you have to do it carefully. If you can’t do it alone, then you can ask for help from others.

Connect the cable again, starting from the green cable. Make sure to connect the black to black cable and white to white. Connect the green cable from the box, fan and power source with the cable tie. Insert all cables into the canopy and lock with the bracket.

Attach the fan engine to the mount with the screws available. Turn on the fan and make sure all connections are good – remember to turn on the wall switch and pull the strap on the fan.

If you cannot do it alone, then you can use a professional service.