The Amazing Engine And Seat Of The Lamborghini Gallardo

You should never doubt the pace of Young Bull’s steps. In accordance with the ancestral blood flow, the Gallardo is also equipped with a powerful engine. Audi has a big role in this. And not only the engine, drive and transmission are also the results of research carried out by German manufacturers. Just so you know, the Gallardo has the same engine as the Sport version of the Audi, S6, and S8. With a capacity of 5,000 ccs with a V-10 90º DOHC configuration, the power released reaches 500 TK and 510 Nm of torque. Aside from that, you may click here if you wish to rent a high-quality Lambhorgini car.

Lambo and Audi said, before the engine was installed, there was a choice of other machines that could be used. The capacity is still the same, but the degree of the configuration of the V engine is different. The alternative engine angle has a size of 72º. But based on calculations, an angle of 72º actually has a big minus effect. Starting from eating the place rather than the 90º angle, because the position becomes higher. This height also affects the center of gravity of the car. In addition, the car’s body will be higher and affect the overall aerodynamic system.

For the drive system, Gallardo adopts Audi’s famous AWD technology called Quattro. While the automatic transmission system can be operated through the shift pedal behind the steering wheel.

In addition to the engine, the black color makes the cockpit look sporty but still have an elegant element. Coupled with the selection of neatly stitched leather with threads similar to the exterior. The black color dominates the cockpit, starting from the door trim, ceiling, and floor. As a sports car, it’s natural that the sitting position for a pair of seats is like being stretched. The chair can be adjusted according to electric needs. Instrumentation is simple but functional because only important indicators need to be considered.

In the cabin, the driving conditions can no longer be doubted. The sitting position tends to fall. The front end is no longer visible. So it really needs the right feeling to drive this car.