This Is How To Repair A Leaking Water Tap In 5 Minutes

If you want to repair leaking water taps, it can actually be done very quickly. Provided you know where the leak from the tap is. At least, there are two causes of leaks in water taps. The first cause is that the faucet has been damaged. So that even though the tap is closed, there is still a little gap where the water can come out through the gap. This can be overcome by replacing a broken tap with a new one. Aside from that, if you can’t repair your water tap on your own, and the house has become flooded, you may call the action 1 restoration water & flood damage.

The second cause lies in the connection between the pipe and the tap. Usually, long connections will loosen because the glue’s adhesive power starts to decrease. To overcome this, simply glue and tape it again.

Following this, we share the guide to fix it:

Tools and materials :

New taps with the same diameter (for those with broken taps).
Pipe special tape.
Glue for connecting PVC.


Switch off all sources of water, both from your own personal pump and from the water company. (1/2 minute).

Use a spanner when you want to remove the tap from your pipe by turning it counterclockwise. Be careful when doing this so as not to cause scratches on the tap. (2 minutes).

If the tap can still be used again, then you must clean the tap’s base from the remnants of glue and old tape. Don’t forget, also clean the PVC pipe holes and try to dry the base of the hole. (1/2 minute).

After everything is clean and dry, wrap about 5 turns of tape at the base. (1/2 minute).

Next, apply pipe glue at the base of the tap and immediately attach it to the pipe hole. Turn it clockwise to tighten this connection. (1/2 minute).

Tighten the connection once again using a wrench. (1/2 minute).

Turn on the water source and check if the tap doesn’t leak anymore. (1/2 minute).