Aircon Maintenance

Two Types of Main Maintenance at the Aircon

There are many aircon repair singapore services that can be contacted in case of aircon damage aircon servicing. The use of aircon is indeed increasing so that the service is improved to serve customers as well as possible. Aircon must be treated properly in order to have a longer age. As an aircon owner, you would be happier if you have durable and durable items, right?

There are many types of aircon service services commonly provided by service providers. However, there are two types of services most often given to maintain the stability of the work of the aircon engine. The first type of service is cleaning filter air filters. Cleaning the air filter should be done every two weeks, once a month, or every three months. Set the frequency you want to do when confirming the work contract to the technician. You are advised not to wait until the dust has accumulated so that the aircon is always in top condition. Technicians can help you clean filter filters regularly. The technicians will be equipped with special equipment to dismantle the aircon filter section and clean it, starting from opening the aircon filter, cleaning the dust with a vacuum cleaner to a clean cloth to perfect it.

The second service is cleaning the inner and outer aircon unit casing. To ensure that the inlet and outlet airways are not hampered by dust impurities, the unit always looks clean and is pleasing to the eye, so make sure you do periodic cleaning of your indoor and outdoor aircon units. Aircon service providers usually provide this service that can be done every three months to once a year. They provide cleaning filters, horizontal and vertical air guide blades, outlet air holes and fans, to ensure that the air coming out is not blocked and still feels clean, healthy and saves electricity. In addition, technicians can also clean the casing, fan, check and measure the volume of the freon and ampere air compressor unit outdoors. You need to pay attention to this component so that it works properly. If all the components work well, then the cold air produced by your aircon is controlled and can last longer.