Meal Kits


What’s is a Meal Kit?

Avoid the time and stress associated with choosing and shopping for tonight’s dinner. In a My Street Grocery Meal Kit, you get all the whole ingredients plus the recipe card you need to prepare a fresh, fast, delicious meal at home! Not only do Meal Kits help you decide what’s for dinner, they make shopping and cooking a snap.  AND, Meal Kits are only about $2-3 per serving!

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How easy are Meal Kit recipes?

Meal Kit recipes are fast and easy to prepare. If you’re just learning to cook, you’ll be amazed at the delicious meals you’re able to create.  If you already know your way around the kitchen, you’ll love how fast and easy you can get dinner on the table and how much flexibility the recipes have to creatively make them your own.

Are Meal Kits healthy?

My Street Grocery Meal Kits are packed full of fresh and nutrient-rich ingredients. Many of the recipes are created by nutritionists at Oregon State University’s awesome Food Hero program. These experts design recipes that
are healthy, affordable, and delicious.

How big are Meal Kit portions?

Meal Kits usually make 4-6 servings, making them perfect for a family dinner, sharing with friends, or freezing for delicious leftovers later. We occasionally offer smaller kits to accommodate smaller households.

June/July 2013 Meal Kits:

Early Summer Stir-Fry SUPER Meal Kit
We call this a SUPER Meal Kit because it’s packed with fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients! Enjoy seasonal, local vegetables, aromatic garlic and ginger, organic brown rice, and sweet and spicy Asian sauce in this quick, summery Meal Kit. This kit is vegan and gluten-free*!
*Recipe includes soy sauce. If you require a strict gluten-free diet, check with your health care professional before consuming soy sauce.

Smoky Beans & Rice with Sausage Meal Kit
If you’ve shopped with us before, you’ve seen this Meal Kit – it’s is a clear favorite and a part of our regular rotation. This kit includes fresh keilbasa sausage, organic black beans, fresh bell pepper, rice, smoky spices, and of course, onion and garlic. This is a hearty, one-pot meal great for pleasing a crowd! 

Chef Series: Summer Vegetable Pasta with White Beans SUPER Meal Kit
This is part of our Chef Series, where local chefs design exclusive recipes for us to turn into Meal Kits. Enjoy seasonal summer vegetables, fresh garlic, bright lemon, creamy white beans, pasta, and umami-rich nutritional yeast or parmesan cheese in this Meal Kit, designed by the fabulous Chef Abby Fammartino of Abby’s Table. Try the delicious vegan option!

Some other Meal Kits you may have tried or might see in the future include: Pasta with Spinach and White Beans, Avocado Tacos, Curried Lentils with Butternut Squash and Crisp Apples, Veggie Quesadillas, Flat Bread Pizza and more.  We’re always looking for new recipes.

What’s your favorite recipe?  Send it to us and we just might name a Meal Kit after you!

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