What is My Street Grocery?

My Street Grocery is a mobile grocery store that brings fresh, delicious and healthy food directly into your neighborhoods at budget-sensitive prices. Think of us like a traveling farmer’s market or mini grocery story on wheels.

We’re inspired by the mission to break down today’s key barriers to putting good, nutritious food on the table – cost, location, time.

  • Cost: Our prices will beat most commercial grocery stores and are on par with the discount warehouse grocery chain Winco.
  • Location: Some of our customers are faced with long bus rides (sometimes four hours round trip!) to the nearest affordable grocery store, limiting their ability to make regular trips for fresh produce. By bringing the store directly to their neighborhood we increase their access to these delicious fruits and vegetables as well as pantry staples including beans, rice, olive oil, and more.
  • Time: In addition to cutting down the commute time for purchasing groceries, offerings like our “meal kits” make healthy meal preparation quick and convenient at prices as low as $2 per serving.

How did My Street Grocery come about?

My Street Grocery is a home-grown product of Portland State University’s Social Innovation Incubator and was founded by Portlanders Amelia Pape, Colin Gallison and Eric Johnson.

What kinds of foods are available at My Street Grocery?

My Street Grocery features a variety of staples – including local milk, eggs, butter, dry goods, and more – and quality seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, My Street Grocery offers Meal Kits that include all of the whole ingredients plus the recipe card you need to prepare a fast and delicious meal at home for as low as $2 per serving. Many of the options are even one-pot meals, making clean-up a snap.

As a general philosophy, we offer foods that contribute to a healthy diet.  These include fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy, eggs, legumes, and lean meats. Our products are minimally processed and low in added sugar, unhealthy fats and sodium. We source our products from local and organic producers whenever possible.

You can download a recent product list here.

Where does My Street Grocery get its food?

My Street Grocery works with various partners including Portland’s own Organically Grown Company (OGC) and Sheridan Fruit Company to provide you with nutritious food at a reasonable price.

We also work with local growers whenever possible to provide our customers local options and to support our community of food producers. If you are a local grower, farmer, or supplier and are interested in working with us, please contact us.

What is a Meal Kit?

My Street Grocery’s Meal Kits are ready-to-prepare meals that include all of the whole ingredients plus the recipe card you need to prepare a fast and delicious meal at home, making dinner easy from cooking to cleanup. They feature whole ingredients and make a tasty 4-6 serving meal at a reasonable price, starting as low as $2 per serving. Learn more and see our current offerings here.

How do My Street Grocery’s prices compare to other grocery stores?

My Street Grocery strives to provide you with quality food at a reasonable price. We beat the prices at many commercial supermarkets and are more affordable than existing alternatives like convenience stores and fast food establishments.

Who can shop at My Street Grocery?

Although My Street Grocery will focus our service in designated areas, anyone is welcome to stop by and shop at the truck during our weekly markets.

Where does the My Street Grocery truck go? When and for how long will it stop at each location?

The My Street Grocery truck will set up shop in designated neighborhoods that may not have reliable access to fresh produce and cost-friendly staples.

The truck will visit each location on a regularly set and publicized schedule so you can plan your weekly shopping with us. In most cases we plan to visit each location once a week and stay for about 60-90 minutes. Of course, we’ll be flexible to meet the individual needs of each site.

What is My Street Grocery’s schedule? How will I know if the routes change?

The truck routes are posted on our website here, and available through Facebook and Twitter. We will also communicate our schedule to residents via flyers that are distributed in each community.

Are you a home delivery service?

No. We do not deliver door-to-door or currently accept pre-orders. We operate like a mini grocery store on wheels; wherever we have a route stop, you can come and shop with us.

Is My Street Grocery a nonprofit?

We get this one a lot. My Street Grocery is legally structured as a for-profit social enterprise, and for very specific (and, we think, good) reasons.

For some, learning that we are not a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is an uncomfortable realization, given the traditional stigmas surrounding profit-driven business models and the prolific green-washing that has occurred. Well, let me tell you our opinion on the matter. My Street is, by philosophy, commitment, and design, a social enterprise. We are legally structured as a for-profit for a number of reasons:

  • First and foremost: we believe in the power of business to solve social problems. Think about it; what is one of the most powerful forces in the world? The answer is, at least arguably, business. So, why not use it for good? We are committed to the idea that a strong and a self-sustaining business model will allow us to most effectively further our mission and create widespread, systemic change. We remain unwaveringly guided by our mission, regardless of legal structure.
  • Second: in Oregon, we have no hybrid structure options. What I mean is, although we are a social enterprise that is mission-driven, we can only choose for- or non- profit as a legal structure, but nothing in between. In some states, there are structures designated for hybrid models that are using business to address social issues. Oregon hasn’t adopted any yet, but we’re anxiously awaiting the change. If you’re interested in learning more about social enterprises and alternative legal structures, visit this informative site.


Can I use food stamps at My Street Grocery?

YES! We have just been approved to accept EBT/SNAP benefits. The system is not quite up and running yet, but we can now officially say that it will be a reality in the very near future. In the meantime, we always accept cash, credit, and debit cards.

To learn more about shopping with SNAP or to find out if you are eligible to receive SNAP benefits, visit this informative site.

How can I get My Street Grocery to come to my neighborhood?

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us at info@mystreetgrocery.com for information about bringing our service to your community.

I want to help out. Can I volunteer? Where can I direct monetary donations?

We welcome your support! As we enter the busy summer season, we will have a variety of opportunities to get involved. Please email us for information about volunteering. You can also make contributions to My Street Grocery here.