Community Cookbook


We’ve always got something cooking at My Street to supplement our service and continue to support our customers in new ways. So, we’re excited to announce our newest outreach and education initiative: the Community Cookbook! This will be a resource to both our customers and our supporters, and it will include more than just recipes; paging through our cookbook will introduce the reader to the history and residents of the diverse communities My Street Grocery is serving. This project, an expansion of our current outreach activities, is rooted in our desire to build lasting relationships with the neighborhoods we serve and to support and encourage healthy, happy communities. We’re inspired by the potential broader impacts of a community cookbook, which include strengthening community ties among residents within neighborhoods, promoting healthy, home-cooked diets, and deepening respect for all Portland residents across geographic and demographic lines. So, how can YOU participate?

Do you have a treasured heirloom recipe or a go-to healthy weeknight meal to share? If so, email us at and we just may feature your recipe and the story behind it. You can see our recipe entry card below for submission instructions.

This project is about community involvement, and we couldn’t do it without your help. If you’d like to sponsor our cookbook project, you can do so as a business or an individual through varying levels of financial support.

We are seeking sponsorships of $50 – $500 to help subsidize the cost of production so we can offer the cookbook to community members at an affordable price. If you choose to support this project, your generosity will be acknowledged in a special sponsorship section of the cookbook and in any marketing activities we do around the cookbook’s distribution; in this way, the communities where My Street Grocery is working and the larger Portland metropolitan region will learn of your contribution. We hope this will also serve as a valuable advertising opportunity for you.

If you or your organization is interested in sponsorship, please email us at

Thanks to our current sponsors for supporting community health and happiness through food!