My Street Grocery is a community mobile grocer with a mission to increase fresh food access for all.

Our Vision:

We believe we can play a valuable role in an equitable food system for all.

Our Mission:

We will offer affordable, convenient, quality foods to all, promote community health through nutrition awareness and education, and enhance economic vitality through job creation

Our Products:

We offer foods that contribute to a healthy diet.  These include fresh fruits, vegetables, juices, dairy, eggs, legumes, and lean meats. Our products are minimally processed and low in added sugar, unhealthy fats and sodium. We source our products from local and organic producers whenever possible.

We combine the convenience of a corner store with the affordability and quality of a supermarket.

Look for us on your street in Portland, Oregon now!


We believe in a thriving local food economy and in using the power of business to create positive social change. We are committed to providing access to better food options for residents of our communities.


We serve communities and individuals who face barriers to healthy eating. These barriers can be related to transportation and mobility, financial restrictions, time constraints, or other unforeseen circumstances.

While our mission is to serve areas in greatest need, we never discriminate on any basis and are happy to extend our services to anyone seeking to purchase quality, affordable, convenient food items.

Please contact us to request our service in your community.