A Used Car’s Chasis Affect Its Price And Performance

One of the most important parts of the car is the frame or chassis of the car. The car frame functions as the main structure that supports other components such as the engine, transmission and wheel drive. The chassis affects the car’s performance and price when you skup samochodów.

There are two types of frames that we can find in almost all car production today:

# 1: Chassis Ladder

In a car that uses a ladder chassis, the body and frame of the car are built from two separate components. The car body is mounted on a frame that resembles the shape of a ladder or often called a ladder frame.

Currently there are not many cars that use ladder chassis, generally used by trucks, SUVs, or jeeps that have the purpose of carrying large loads.

# 2: Monocoque Chassis

The majority of car production today uses a monocoque chassis, where the frame and body of the car are one unit or also called a unibody.

Why do many cars use this model chassis? One reason is fuel efficiency because the body and frame are fused, this type of frame becomes lighter. In addition, cabin space is also safer when a collision occurs.

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