Service Update – Market “Off-Season”

The New Year is upon us and it’s time for another update. We ended 2012 with a message that we’d be working on ways to improve our service, and that remains true. Like any new business, we’ve had successes and failures, and learned a great deal in our first few months of operation. With this comes the need to ask ourselves some important questions:

  • Is our business supporting itself?
  • What are our milestones for 2013?
  • Are we serving our mission to the best of our ability?
  • How do we measure success?


That last question is one that I asked myself in my last post, and the answer will continue to change in different contexts. Right now, a piece of it is simply a renewed commitment to our mission, and a creative outlook on how to serve it. Now that we are in the heart of the “off-season” here in Portland, we’ve decided that this is the time to focus on that developmental work behind the scenes. As a result, our last market of the season will be this coming Monday, January 28th. While we love market days, we also know that it’s important to be open to additional ways to honor our goals as a mission-driven business, and we know that it’s tough to come out in the winter elements for an outdoor market. We’ll be spending our rainy days working on changes that will allow us to serve our communities, partners, and friends even better. We are excited about the chance to use the knowledge we’ve gained and apply it to an even better future service!

We make an effort to use this as a forum for transparency and communication, so please don’t hesitate to contact us in the meantime with questions or comments. We always appreciate your feedback.

More updates to come as we continue our work…

6 Responses to “Service Update – Market “Off-Season””

  1. Kris Soebroto says:

    Good luck!! Hope to see you back in the neighborhood soon.

  2. Michael G says:

    Amelia Eric,etal,

    Hope your off season was successful and productive. How is the planning going. Check with Good Sam about possibly using the Garden area north on the hospital between 22 and 23rd NW. They
    Could use something there since the kitchen is closed on the weekends. As for us they really liked Fridays and there is no reason to use the library if you set up after 2 in the dining room.
    Miss you and understand if we are not on your list.

    • admin says:

      Michael, you are always on our list! Thank you for the note. We have been working on a market in your neighborhood and hope to kick it off soon. We’ll post the news as soon as it’s official! All the best to you and our friends at MUM.

  3. carmen says:

    When will you return!?!

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