Business…for good?

Did you know that My Street Grocery is a social enterprise? That means we are a business that exists to address a social need, which, in our case, is access to fresh, affordable, healthy food. We created our business to address this issue, and that is why we come to work every day.

Organizing ourselves as a for-profit entity was a very deliberate decision on our part. We want to earn the money that we need to provide a service to the community (rather than ask for it), and to do so in a way that benefits our company, our customers, and our community. With an economically sustainable business model, we can streamline the decision-making process, set long-term goals, and create a lasting impact.

We’re not the only ones that believe in this approach, by the way! Social enterprise is a growing field gaining momentum around the world. Some companies show their commitment to business for good by choosing to become certified¬†B Corporations, which means they have gone through a rigorous assessment process to ensure their business practices are responsible and transparent at every level. (Ever heard of Patagonia, or Etsy? Both certified B Corporations.)

Right here in Portland, we have some amazing resources for and examples of SE. I have great friends, colleagues, and mentors who are creating positive social change in our community through the power of business. (Visit B-Line, FMYI, and Sustainable Harvest for some inspiring examples of this kind of work.)¬†We ourselves are proud to be graduates of the Social Innovation Incubator, which creates a space for organizations like ours to grow and thrive. Through the SII, we’ve been able to tap into a community of like-minded social entrepreneurs and innovators that are changing the face of business every day. (Learn more about them here.)

So, we hope this helps to shed a little light on the idea of business for good. We believe in it to our core, and our daily challenge to ourselves is to make our actions speak louder than our words.

For more on our structure and our philosophy on social enterprise, please visit our FAQs.


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