Strawberry Fields

We love lingering by fields of strawberries on warm days with the sun high in the sky and the fragrance of freshly tilled earth and sweet fruit in the breeze.  The season is now, and strawberries are bursting red and delicious at farms throughout the Willamette Valley and beyond.  Consider a short drive out of the city where along winding country roads you’ll find ample opportunity to hand pick your own berries or discover a fruit stand where you can buy directly from the farmer who brought the rolling fields to life.

Once back home, it’s easy to enjoy the fresh berries over ice cream or with shortcake and fresh whipped cream.  For breakfast they’re great atop homemade waffles or pancakes or gently stirred into a bowl of Greek yogurt.  Of course fresh strawberries make a fine homemade jam to enjoy all year long or a fresh fruit smoothie to enjoy straight away.  They’re fantastic in a salad or as an appetizer served with carvings of fresh farmer’s cheese and a chilled glass of dry rosé.  Fresh strawberries are a taste of summer, where the hunt and the preparation can be as delicious as the fruit…Enjoy.

P.S.  If you’re a My Street Grocery customer, look for fresh Oregon strawberries on the truck next time we visit your street.  But come early, they go fast!

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