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Starting a business is crazy.

I don’t mean it like, “that’s crazy, don’t do it,” but more like, “wow, can you believe this is happening? Crazy!” Every day is a learning process. Every moment feels like a milestone. Every customer matters, every decision is important, and every move you make is calculated. While this may sound exhausting (it is), it’s the most wonderful and fulfilling thing I could imagine doing as a career.

It’s also an introspective process. When you are your own boss, you really get to know yourself on a different level. As a manager, you have to learn the most effective ways to communicate with your employees to ensure productivity and maintain a healthy work environment. As your own manager, it’s no different, except that your employee is yourself. On some days, your employee listens to you and gets the job done, and on other days, it’s not that easy… Self-discipline, time management, and emotional intelligence are just a few of the skills that I’ve been honing on this journey. I’d also like to note that this has been and continues to be the best experience of my professional life.

Running a business that you believe in is the best thing in the world.

It’s true. At My Street Grocery, we love food, we love business, and we love our community. Lucky for us, we get to work directly with the things we love every single day. How about that?! (I mean, just look at those pictures above…) For those of you who have been following us since our Fork in the Road days — thanks for sticking around! For you newcomers who are visiting for the first time — welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

We’ve been operating full-time for about 6 weeks now, and our business is already growing. We love getting to know repeat customers: Shaun still buys Meal Kits from us every week. (Have you met Shaun yet?) Eve, one of our senior customers, makes her way outside each Wednesday to buy produce and “the freshest milk she’s ever tasted.” A father and daughter visit us every Thursday to buy a new Meal Kit that they take home to prepare together. These people also serve as our advocates in their communities. It’s so rewarding to meet a new customer who tells us that their neighbor/friend/relative/building manager told them about this great little pop-up market they visited that he or she should really check out. You just can’t buy that kind of endorsement.

Growing a business is an iterative, evolutionary process.

So, we hope you’ll keep in touch. We’ll have plenty to report as we continue to operate and grow. Visit our website to see when daily markets are happening, to learn about community events, and just to get to know us.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be able to showcase our business via this new website, thanks to the incredible talent at Big Pixel. If you’re a business of any size, but especially a start-up, hire them! You won’t be sorry. Their work is stellar, but what also stood out to us was their effective and supportive communication style. They gave us personal attention throughout our entire rebranding process, which is a big part of why we ended up with this wonderful website that suits us so well.

We look forward to keeping you updated through this blog, where you can not only hear from us, but also leave your own comments. We want to get to know you, too, after all.

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  1. Lee and Mammaw says:

    Proud and amazed at all you’ve accomplished!

    We love you !!!

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